November 9, 2016

Permanent exhibition

National Literature Museum of Ukraine offers:

reviews and thematic tours, lectures
various exhibitions
Literary and art evening
for Kids
creative meetings with writers, scientists, artists
Children’s Book Week
In the museum are:

Modern literature club “Kolo”
Club Weekend
Club children’s writers
literary and art studio “Ukrainian spiritual family”
School of Ethnology
theater room
lecture “Soul millennia looking for himself in the word …” (names, events, phenomena in literature)
There are also programs:

“Honors Taras Shevchenko”
“Destiny of language – destiny of people”
“Bells of Memory” (Coverage of Ukrainian Holodomor)
“The word and image” (Literature. Art. Music)
“Zhyvem hope and God” (Spiritual holidays Ukrainian people)
“Artistic family in the spiritual space of Ukraine”
sightseeing tours

1. History of Ukrainian Literature XI-XIX.

2. History of Ukrainian literature of the twentieth century.

3. Pavel Galagan College.

4. Tour of Kiev literary memorial museum-apartment of Nikolai desired.

Thematic tours

The original literature of Kievan Rus and “Lay.”
Old Ukrainian literature.
Literature second half XIII – the middle of the sixteenth century.
Polemical literature and John Vishensky.
Ukrainian romanticism in the European context.
Ukrainian literature late XIX – early XX century .: figures, trends, directions, styles.
Ukrainian modernism of the late XIX – early XX century.
Literary process 20-30-ies of XX century. in Ukraine.
“Executed Renaissance.”
Ukrainian modern poetry (beg. XX century. – 20-th century.).
Ukrainian satire and humor 20-30-ies of XX century.
Western and emigration literature 20-40-ies of XX century.
Ukrainian literature of the early twentieth century. – 50 years of the twentieth century.
Ukrainian drama (from antiquity to the early twentieth century.).
Ukrainian prose of the second half of the twentieth century.
Ukrainian literature in exile ( “MUR”, “word”).
Ukrainian children’s literature.
“Sweet kids interesting stuff” (interactive tour for primary school pupils).
Tour of the riddles in the exhibition of the National Museum of Literature of Ukraine.
Teaching page in the life and works of Ukrainian writers of the twelfth and eighteenth centuries.
Teaching page in the life and works of Ukrainian writers XIX – early XX century.
G. Skvoroda in the context of Ukrainian literature of the Baroque.
John Kotlyarevsky – founder of modern Ukrainian literature.
“Eternal genre.” History Ukrainian tales in the museum.
Gregory flower-Osnovyanenko – “people of the creator of the story.”
Ukraine in the life and work of Nikolai Gogol.
Taras Shevchenko – poet and citizen.
Taras Shevchenko. The current reading.
The sources Shevchenko words.
Ukrainian women’s literature (XIX -poch. XX c.).
“A female author and heroine in Ukrainian literature X – XX centuries”.
“A woman by the image of women in Ukrainian literature 20-30-ies of XX century.”
Gogol and Ukraine.
Prose Nechui-Levitsky and Panas Mirny.
Theatre luminaries.
The life and career of Ivan Franko.
John Franco in the context of world literature.
Life and work of Basil Stefanik.
“And while the mother – Ukraine tiller remember …” (creative heritage Pchilka in museum collections).
Pages of Life and Lesia Ukrainian.
Life and work of Olga Kobylianska.
Michael Kotsyubynsky forerunner neo-romantic prose.
Creativity Kotsiubynskyi.
Paul Ticino – poet rozchahnutoyi day.
Creativity Maxim Rila in the context of the era.
Page life and work of Nicholas desired.
“The writer chained to the galleys of his time” (touches to the portrait of Vladimir Sosyury).
Pushkin, the Decembrists and writers Ukraine

The Bible as Holy Scripture and the monument of literature.
Interesting facts about the book.
Cossack chronicles – the final stage of Ukrainian chronicles.
The image of Ivan Mazepa in Ukrainian literature.
Ivan Mazepa. The image of Hetman of Ukraine in foreign literature.
Skovoroda – outstanding Ukrainian philosopher.
“At the turn of two worlds” (The life and career G.Skovoroda).
Kotliarevsky – founder of modern Ukrainian literature.
The life and works of Taras Shevchenko.
Women in the life of Taras Shevchenko.
“My zorenko you holy …” (The life and career of Mark Vovchok).
Panteleimon Kulish – writer, thinker.
World outlook and life conflict Panteleimon Kulish.
John Nechuy-Levitsky.
The life and career of Panas Mirny.
Prose Nechui-Levitsky and Panas Mirny.
Ivan Franko and Kyiv.
John Franco and children’s literature.
“Kleynod my soul” (Boris Grinchenko).
Paul Grabowski.
Agatangel Crimea.
“Pokutska trinity.”
Wonderworld Gnat Khotkevych (The life and career of writer).
Pages of Life and Lesia Ukrainian.
“The words touched the heart” (The life and career of Olga Kobylianska).
“My solar dedicate Ukraine ..” (Biography and creative uzhynok Vynnychenko).
Poetry Oleksandr Oles.
Michael Kotsyubynsky and children’s literature.
Sergey Efremov. Strokes to the portrait on the background of the shot illusions.
Paul Ticino – symbolic figure rozchahnutoyi day.
Gregory Klondike.
Page life and works of Maxim Rila.
Kiev neoclassicism and their leader Nikolai Zerov.
Nicholas desires: from Futurism to Neo-Baroque.
Khvylovy a seismograph day social and artistic impasse.
“I’m a real pain up” (Evgeny Pluzhnikov).
The poetic space Bohdan-Ihor Antonych.
Oleg Olzhych: the fate and creativity.
Eugene Malanyuk: most of the “Prague residents.”
Life and Works of Honoré de Balzac.
Modern Ukrainian writer: the path to success.
The life and work of Alexander Dovzhenko.
Life and creative horizons Vasyl Symonenko.
“With love and anguish born” (Grigor Tyutyunnik).
Michael Stelmach. Life and work.
Page life and work of Honchar.
Basil Countryman, an artist and a person.
Paul Zahrebelny. Life and work.
“Poetry – is always unique, some touching immortal soul …”. By a literary portrait of Lina Kostenko.
“Under the veil of harvested names” (to use aliases in ancient Ukrainian literature).
“Under the veil of harvested names” (to use aliases in Ukrainian literature from the first decades of the nineteenth century. Before the start of the twentieth century.).
Ukrainian neoromanticism 20 th century.
Ukrainian writers in Solovki.
Prague School of Ukrainian poets.
“Field” and “lankivtsi”: role and place in the literary process of the 20 th century.
Poetry “Silver Age” in Russian literature.
Poetic sixties.
Prose sixties.
Vasyl Stus: “Life is like work.”
Ukrainian poetry 60-80 years of the twentieth century.
Ukrainian children’s literature.
Children’s Literature Independent Ukraine.
Ukrainian-German literary connections.
Pushkin and Ukraine.
Gogol and Ukraine.
Ukraine in the life and work O.Kuprina.
Anna Akhmatova.
Kyiv image in contemporary literature.
The life and career of William Shakespeare.
Victor Hugo – French romantic.
Irina Zhylenko: creative horizons.